We believe that relationships should precede issues -- that efforts for change must begin by building trust, otherwise they will remain fragile and temporary.

We believe in stories, not ideology, to identify issues. The issues we work on come out of small-group gatherings called “house meetings”, where people share their stories about issues they’d like to see changed and have energy to work on. We are driven by the testimony of concrete experience, not pre-conceived ideology.

We believe the best solutions to a problem come from the people affected by that problem. We are bottom-up, not top-down.

We believe the price of critique is a viable alternative. It is not enough merely to raise awareness about a problem. We must identify solutions, which should be pragmatic and achievable.

We believe in institutions. Our religious congregations and civic organizations have extraordinary potential to be a vehicle for people's development as leaders and for the transformation of the world. But we often don't seize their full potential.

We believe in ownership. We accept no money from government sources. The organization is funded by dues from its member institutions, in addition to some foundation and business support. This allows the organization to belong to and be accountable to the institutions that make it.

If you are interested in exploring membership in Together Baton Rouge for your organization or congregation, please contact Edgar Cage at (225)274-5808 or [email protected].


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