"Operation Squeaky Wheel" -- An organizing strategy to improve drainage in Baton Rouge

We’ve heard stories from virtually every neighborhood about drainage obstruction in Baton Rouge—from ditches and canals cluttered with debris to storm sewers that fail to drain within a few hours of a rainstorm. We know that the Department of Transportation and Drainage is severely underfunded. In order to facilitate their work, we need individuals and neighborhoods to help identify drainage obstructions in Baton Rouge. The City cannot begin to solve problems it does not know exist.  The Department of Transportation and Drainage can only rely on data that is reported in the City's Red Stick 311 database.

Submit a service request.  (See Follow up below.)

You and your neighbors can submit this information in one of three ways:

1)  Enter the information on the Red Stick 311 website (directions below)

2)  Call 311 (225.389.2090).  (after hours/holidays: 225.389.2070)

3)  Complete the survey below and Together Baton Rouge will submit the information for you.

Directions for submitting a service request.

1)  Searching Red Stick 311 website.

Type the web address:  311.brla.gov and Enter.
Click Request for Service
Provide personal information: your email address and a password you create
Answer the Where and What questions
            Where: Street address, city, and zip code
            Select the type of issue (ex. drainage, then: request removal of debris in ditch)
Provide details about the issue (ex. extensiveness of problem; length of time situation has
            existed; photos may be uploaded)
Confirm and submit.  You will receive an "ID number" for this request.

2)  Calling 311 - provide the same location/details as in (1) above.

3)  Complete the survey below.  Together Baton Rouge will assure your 311 drainage service
request is submitted.  Information is the same as (1) above.


Follow up.

Once your data is submitted you can learn the status of your submission:  open (not yet worked on), in progress, or closed. 

1)  Online:  Searching the Open Data BR website.

Search:  https://data.brla.gov
In the top search box type: 311 and select Citizen Requests for Service
Click on 311 Citizen Requests for Service
Click on Explore Data, then View Data
A table of data will display
In the search box by the magnifying glass (below the sign in) type the ID number of your
  search request and Enter
The status of your search request will display

2) Calling 311 at 225.289.2090

The receptionist will need your name.  If you have entered the report on line or through a telephone receptionist you will also have an "ID number" for each report.  That number is useful in tracking your request.

3) Completing the survey: we will submit your request and email you an ID number so that you can check its progress by phone or online.

We also support a comprehensive drainage master plan for the parish.

Together Baton Rouge

What is the zip code where the drainage problem is located?


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