We made a little news today

On Wednesday, June 12, Together Baton Rouge Leader Diane Hanley spoke on behalf of Together Baton Rouge in favor of an ITEP application before the EBR Metro Council - because it met the ITEP standards the EBR Metro Council had set.

It made the front page the next day.

"Our main goal was to remove ITEP from being a rubber-stamp entitlement program (and) have it become a true incentive-based program," Dianne Hanley, a leader with Together Baton Rouge, told council members Wednesday night. "Some say the process for reforming ITEP is broken. I don't think it had a chance to be tested yet. Today is the day and we're on track."

This has never been about one particular company or evidence that we're anti-business. In fact, it's the opposite: We support incentives - we just don't support gifts. 

This is what reform looks like.

Read the full article online here: https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/article_0afdb964-8d5c-11e9-ab3e-d7c0877625a7.html

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