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Pin2Thousands of people in our community have decided to wear “Together Baton Rouge” pins for the next month, as a small symbol of our commitment to face this time of crisis TOGETHER as a community.

We ran out of 1000 pins in 3 hours, but we ordered 7,000 more, and they’ve arrived.





This idea started when General Russel Honoré appeared on CNN and MSNBC wearing his pin.




“We refuse to be divided.” 

Two days after the killing of two Baton Rouge police officers Montrell Jackson and Matthew Gerald and Sheriff’s Deputy Brad Garafola, two weeks after the killing of Alton Sterling, hundreds of faith and community leaders, black, white and hispanic, gathered at St. Paul Lutheran Church to say: “We refuse to be divided.”


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Together BR gathers 350 faith and community leaders from 100 congregations and organizations

Press coverage here, here, here, herehere and here.

“It is not our goal to return to where we were before Alton Sterling was shot. It is not our goal to get back to business as usual. It is our goal to move forward, to bring about systemic change in our community.”
–Rev. Lee T. Wesley, Together Baton Rouge

Hands Up

 Faith leaders call for larger federal role in investigation

Ask federal agencies to expand scope of investigation beyond civil rights violations to include possible state criminal charges.

Full statement here. Press coverage here, here, here and here.


Together Louisiana wins shift in corporate tax exemptions

Governor John Bel Edwards issued an Executive Order overhauling the Industrial Tax Exemption Program, the largest program of state subsidies to corporations in the nation.

Read about it here here.


 Together Louisiana launches Tax Fairness Campaign

500 leaders from 40 cities and towns win commitment from Governor Edwards to scale back corporate tax exemptions, reverse regressive tax shifts from last 10 years.

Press here and here.


 Together BR launches Health Access Campaign

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Press here.

Image collage_3-23-16

Governor fulfills pledge to Together Louisiana to expand Medicaid

Press here.

January 12th, 2016

Website_Medicaid Expansion

Baton Rouge - Newly elected Governor John Bel Edwards made good on a pledge to Together Louisiana to expand Medicaid in Louisiana. On his first full day in office, flanked by Together Louisiana leaders Fr. Rick Andrus, Rev. Patti Snyder and Ms. Pat LeDuff, Edwards signed an executive order mandating the expansion.

The expansion is expected to provide healthcare to 300,000 Louisiana residents within the next six months.

The move came two months after what many called “an intervention” in the gubernatorial runoff election, which had devolved into a brawl of personal attacks. Together Louisiana held a statewide assembly with more 400 faith and community leaders from 38 cities, to put issues such as healthcare, wages, higher education and transportation back at the center of the campaign. It was the only event, other than debates, at which both runoff candidates appeared jointly.

Together BR launches “Voice of Our People” Community Survey Campaign

The Voice of Our People campaign seeks to engage 20,000 citizens in the metro Baton Rouge area to help define our community’s priorities for next Governor, Legislature, Mayor-President, Metro Council and School System.

You take the survey online, click here.

To download a pdf copy of the survey for distribution, click here.

If you would like copies of the survey delivered to you, please email the request to

TBR Recent Accomplishments

Click here to download a report on TBR accomplishments in 2014.

TBR assembly wins commitments for sea-change in food access policy

Mayor-President, State Legislators, Metro Council Members, CATS commit to implement recommendations of Food Access Policy Commission.


“Officials seek to address ‘food deserts'”, The Advocate, November 15th, 2014

“New bus routes, financial incentives among strategies to address Baton Rouges’s ‘food deserts'” Times-Picayune /, November 14th, 2014

“City officials, community leaders tackle EBR’s food deserts” NBC Channel 33 News, November 14th, 2014

“Bridging the grocery gap,” WBRZ-TV Channel 2, November 14th, 2014









 November 2014: Together Baton Rouge issues new report on St. George incorporation and school district effort.


Click here or on the image at left to download the study.






2014 Statewide Issues Conference

Saturday, February 15th, 10am to 4pm, Shiloh Baptist Church, Baton Rouge.

January 2014

Report on 2013 TBR Accomplishments


2013 was an extraordinary year for our work together, with major accomplishments on improving food access, public transportation, public education, payday lending and other issues. Please click on the image to view a report on our accomplishments in 2013.


November 25th 2013

TBR releases “ESSENTIAL INFO” healthcare brochure

Click to view the brochure


The Together Baton Rouge Health Access Team and the Baton Rouge Primary Care Collaborative have teamed up to produce a terrific, one-page brochure, which has everything people need to know to sign up for health insurance on the marketplace exchanges. The effort is also sponsored by Ochsner Medical Center, the Louisiana Primary Care Association and Navigators for a Healthy Louisiana.

To order copies for distribution, fill out a request form by clicking here.



November 19th 2013

Citizens lead to stop abusive lending

Louisiana allows a payday lending business model which charges over 700% in annual interest rates and fees and traps lenders in a long-term debt cycle. This practice extracts about $200 million PER YEAR in interest and fees from Louisiana residents and costs the state hundreds of jobs annually. Read more about Together Baton Rouge’s efforts to end abusive lending:

November 20th, 2013, “Time to act on payday loans”

November 22nd, 2013, “Residents launch attack on payday lending”

November 5th, 2013

TBR Alliance School Strategy: “Going deep” to support public education

TBR has set a goal of recruiting at least 100 community reading and math friends to work with children at Progress Elementary in Scotlandville.

Click here to sign up and help us reach that goal.

TBR’s “Alliance School” Strategy has three parts: #1) Identify a VIPS Reading and  Math Friend for every child who needs one at TBR’s Alliance Schools. 2) Conduct intensive training and guidance with the school on effective parent engagement, to build a culture of parent and family participation. 3) Create a model for how congregations and community institutions can become a base for a more “bottom-up” approach to school reform.

Read about the strategy in The Advocate here.

See NBC Channel 33’s coverage here.

October 23rd, 2013

The Food Access Policy Commission, founded by TBR and Mayor-President Kip Holden, is halfway through its work. It just issued its Interim Report, looking at food deserts in Baton Rouge and what we can do about them. The final report, with recommendations for policy change, will be issued in a few months. Below is a presentation summarizing the key findings of the report (download it here). Download the full Interim Report here.

EBR Food Access Policy Commission: Presentation of Interim Findings from TogetherBaton Rouge

May 2013

Kickoff Assembly for Citywide Scripture Study

The Citywide Pentecost Assembly on Sunday, May 19th was an extraordinary event, with 400 people representing more than 55 congregations. The event launched a 6-month community-wide scripture study across denominational, racial and geographic lines, which will take place between July and December, 2013. Read an article about the event and the scripture study by clicking here. To sign up to participate in the scripture study and indicate what days you can attend, please click here.

March 23th, 2013

Broad-based faith and community organizations from across the state launched “Together Louisiana” on Saturday, one of the largest citizen coalitions in the history of Louisiana.

“New statewide coalition”, The Times Picayune, March 23rd, 2013

Together Louisiana kicks off”, The Advocate, March 24th, 2013


February 14th, 2013

Click to download food access presentation.

At a press conference with Mayor Kip Holden and dozens of community leaders, Together Baton Rouge launched the EBR Food Access Policy Commission, to bring grocery stores and other high-quality food options to “food desert” communities.


TBR 2012 Annual Report

It’s been a history-making year for the largest citizen organizing strategy in the history of Baton Rouge. Together Baton Rouge is releasing its 2012 Annual Report, sharing the highlights of its year of work, with major accomplishments in the area of public transit, food access, healthcare and community building. Our work together in 2012 is a testament to the power of congregations and organizations working together across the lines that too often divide us.

Download the report by clicking here.

October 17th, 2012

TogetherBR’s new act aims at City Hall, The Advocate

The idea of a nonideological pragmatism defies the current stereotype of left-vs.-right, but is fundamentally consistent with a conservative tradition of community. Resurrecting a spirit of pragmatism and community ideals might be the most idealistic goal Together Baton Rouge has set for itself.
















October 2012

The Scotlandville Fresh Food Pantry, a joint project of Together Baton Rouge and the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, has delivered 150,000 pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables to 4556 households with more than 14,000 people over only four months! TBR is committed to addressing the immediate need and the systemic causes behind Food Deserts in Baton Rouge. In Scotlandville, the largest Food Desert in Baton Rouge, 89% of the population has unacceptably low access to a grocery store (USDA 2011).

Bringing relief to food deserts in Baton RougeThe Advocate

Watch a 1-minute video of the Scotlandville Pantry















October 2012

Click here to view TBR’s Civic Academy presentation on “Cancer in Our Community.

May  2012 100

Reflections on TBR

Download a PDF of all the reflections here. Just read a few at random. We think they are a powerful testimony to what we are working to create in our community. Click on the image to view a larger version of the “word cloud”.

January 2012
150 leaders in attendance at Citywide Meeting on Public Education

Here’s a comment from a young woman who was there:

“I was there at Shiloh for the meeting. I was encouraged to go back to school when I heard how passionate others are about education. The meeting went WELL. I enjoyed myself and now I want to be apart of TOGETHER BATON ROUGE!”


April 28th, 2012

Transit election a historic victory for Together BRThe Advocate

“The biggest success to me, is that we have established and created a culture change in this city,” said another group leader, Edgar Cage. “It’s not just in the hands of the politicians anymore, it’s the people who have actually grabbed hold of the process, and see that they can make a difference.”


March 2012

Click here for Civic Academy Presentation on Comprehensive Transit Reform

To download a Frequently Asked Questions sheet on the transit system, CLICK HERE.

To download a one page version of “the plan” for transit reform, with a route map, CLICK HERE.

November 2011

Action Plan for Gilbert Memorial Park Cemetery Conditions at Gilbert Memorial Park Cemetery have been unacceptable for too long. The LA Attorney General has filed suit to remove the current operators. Together Baton Rouge has committed to identify a receiver to take over the cemetery long term.


May 2011

Game-changer “Coalition voices concerns,” The Advocate

“Violent crime, lack of public transportation, low-performing public schools, dilapidated cemeteries and a lack of resources in poor areas of the parish led their list. These were the stories told by residents Thursday night at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in front of more than 1,000 people.

“Concerned citizens hear from community leaders about issues crippling city,” CBS WAFB Channel 9 News

The head count at Shiloh Baptist Church was around 1100. The crowd of concerned citizens spilled into the foyer of the church. These faces represent different races, religious denominations, and walks of life. But they’re here because they have a lot in common. (Click to view video)


May 2011

Together Baton Rouge takes action on public transportation “Group developing options to improve bus system,” The Advocate

The presentation identified transit incentives that would affect both riders who rely on the service because they don’t have a car and those who may be indirectly affected because of benefits like economic development, reduced traffic congestion and being able to help their employees to work.


March 2011

Together Baton Rouge forms Blue Ribbon Commission to overhaul City-Parish public transit system “Mayor introduces mass transit panel,” The Advocate

The commission was formed by Together Baton Rouge and the Baton Rouge Area Chamber. “The charge to this commission will be to come up with a plan that the city can support; that the parish can support,” said the Rev. Melvin Rushing, a member of Together Baton Rouge and pastor with Progressive Baptist Church and Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church.

“Commission forms to implement FuturEBR transit Goals,” Baton Rouge Business Report

A 17-member commission charged with implementing transit goals outlined in the 30-year FuturEBR master plan was announced this morning by the Baton Rouge Area Chamber, Together Baton Rouge and Mayor Kip Holden.
















March 2011

Together Baton Rouge gets first victory; Wins reconstruction of Blue Grass Bridge in Glen Oaks “This is a great victory for our community,” said Mackie Smothers-El, a Glen Oaks resident and TBR leader. “This is restoring my faith in democracy.”

“Glen Oaks residents: Fix bridge,” The Advocate Leaders of a coalition of religious leaders and civic groups known as Together Baton Rouge said they were pleased with commitments the city-parish has made to replace the deteriorated Blue Grass Drive bridge in Glen Oaks, which the state ordered closed in February 2010.

“Bridge Building,” NBC Channel 33 News (Click to view video)




February 2011

TBR Institutions partner across racial lines for 2011 House Meeting Campaign

“Gathering brings black, white residents together”, The Advocate


“We’re making the human connection. It makes it personal,” Holland said. “Look at the folks that are here, they have the same dreams — a safe place to live and work. It’s not a black thing, or a white thing, or a north or south thing.”


“Together Baton Rouge reaches across racial lines,” ABC WBRZ Channel 2 News

The group’s goals include taking on neighborhood blight, failing schools, and crime. But organizers say before they can find answers, they had to reach across racial lines and explain the problems. (Click to view video)


November 2010

Community leaders launch Together Baton Rouge “Group plans to fix city-parish ills”, The Advocate

“This is the largest group of its kind I have ever seen in the city-parish,” Mayor-President Kip Holden said after the news briefing. “This will make my job easier with all these people working together to make our community a better place.”

“New organization hopes to solve Baton Rouge problems”, WBRZ Channel 2 News

After two years of planning and organizing, community leaders today announced the formation of a multi-issue initiative called “Together Baton Rouge.” (Click to view video)