What difference does local control make over local tax exemptions?

Here's a chart of how much industrial property is exempted in Texas vs. Louisiana as of 2018:












NEW REPORT: Small- & locally-owned businesses in Baton Rouge are subsidizing industrial giants' taxes



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Why Louisiana stays poor

With all Louisiana's wealth in natural resources and industry, WHY DO WE STAY SO POOR?

The Advocate's ground-breaking series on industrial tax exemptions

The Advocate's 3-part series on Louisiana's industrial tax exemption program, "No strings attached," is being recognized as among the best reporting in Louisiana in many years. Links to the series below.

For the online version of each part, click its image below:

Cover_Part_1.JPG   Cover_Part_2.JPG    Cover_Part_3.JPG

Click here for a PDF version of all three parts of the series:

Letter to EBR assessor regarding apparent omission of ExxonMobil property from tax rolls

The attached letter has been submitted to the East Baton Rouge Parish assessor, providing notice that approximately $400 million in taxable property at four Baton Rouge facilities owned by ExxonMobil appears to have been omitted from the preliminary 2018 assessment list.

If left uncorrected, this apparent omission would result in a one-year loss to East Baton Rouge parish taxing bodies of approximately $5.9 million, including a loss of $2.7 million to the EBR parish public school system in its current fiscal year and a one-year loss of $3.2 million to other parish taxing bodies.

Read the letter here.
   Review the letter's attachments here:


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